Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co., INC​

  • Galvanized Fittings
  • Galvanized Gun Cart
  • Mechanical Hose Guide
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Miswind Sensor
  • Turbine or Gas Drive
  • Slow Reverse Nelson Gun

  • A constant pressure automatic braking system.

           Increases tension when the hose is being pulled out but reverts to lighter tension as the hose is being retrieved. 

  • A positive action lock down.

           When engaged, this simple break will lock the reel in place when shifting the gearbox to neutral, as well as secure the reel for transport when                       desired. 

  • A miswind sensor

           Should a miswind irregularity ever occur, this sensor will automatically disengage the drive, protecting the Reel Rain from damage.

  • Increased speed range

           From .5 feet per minute to 12.5 feet per minute (depending on drive), you have the ability to control the application rate

       Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty Gearbox                                                                                         
  • P.T.O. Rewind
  • Automatic Hose Retrieve Stop
  • Rugged Frame Design
  • Turntable
  • Reel Speed Compensator
  • Safety Shieldings




Reel Rain Traveler Irrigation

Your First Choice in Irrigation and Waste Water Applications

  • Greater control! More accurate application of both clean and waste water 

  • Simpler to operate! The smooth operation of the heavy duty gearbox eliminates the need for multiple belts and pulleys while providing a full range of operating speeds.