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Amadas Reel Rain Jr.

The Amadas Reel Rain Jr. is designed to make portable irrigation easy. The machines are simple to operate and provide efficient irrigation over a wide variety of applications.  The Reel Rain Jr. is compact, highly mobile and offers many benefits. They are ideal for irrigation areas up to 35 acres.

*Simple to operate - operate unattended and shut off automatically
*Provide efficient irrigation over a wide variety of applications
*Requires less labor than conventional manual labor systems
*Low-cost alternative to built-in or solid set systems
*Can be operated from a municipal water supply without the need for a pump in some applications
*Compact and highly mobile
*Ideal for irrigated areas up to 35 acres 
*When precipitation is not adequate, irrigation can be beneficial.

Benefits of Amadas Reel Rain Jr.

*Athletic Fields and Golf Courses will have a professional and improved playing surface. The enhanced surface will help minimize player injuries resulting from ground contact.

*Landscaping, Cemeteries and Parks maintain their symbolism and conservation.

*Vegetable and Fruit Harvests will maintain constant growth, resulting in increased yields. Irrigated crops can be earlier into the marketplace and take advantage of higher prices.

Equestrian Applications:

*Arenas will have safer footing with less dust.

*Paddocks and Pastures will recover more quickly from grazing.

*Provides Polo fields a safer, less costly alternative than standard in-ground systems.




Amadas B Series

Reel Rain Jr. Irrigation System

Perfect irrigation for the cash crop farmers, vegetable plots, organic farms, golf courses and large sports complexes.


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