Mid-Atlantic Irrigation Co., INC​

Miscellaneous Fittings / Parts for underground Irrigation System:
3.5" x 42" Threaded Pipe, Shut-off Valves, 6" Tees

for   Sprinkler Head, 8" Tees for Sprinkler Head, 6" Caps.

8" Clamps



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Please Note- This section are items that are on consignment/ Equipment in this section may not be located at our warehouse**

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*816 qty.- 4" pipe with 3' risers 3OH sprinkler,w/

1 nozzle,1 blank,

40 ft. length


*68 qty.-   6" mains, some halves with V.O.E. hubs 

*100 qty.- 3ft. riser with sprinklers 

*Misc. fittings, VOE valves, intake values, etc.

SR100 Nelson Gun 

*40 qty.- 1-8MC Wade Mainline Double End Couplings

*8 qty.- 2-8-6 Wade Rain Double End Tee Valves

*15 qty.- 4" Wade Rain Couplers
*25-30 qty.- #14070 Rainbird Sprinklers

*15 qty.- Cranks x Valve Openers

*18 qty.- Plugs - 4", 5", and 6"

*Multiple 3" Ames Fittings, Tees, Elbows, and End Plugs

*Used Guns and Stands

*Used Sprinklers Available/Large quantity of Frost Protection Strawberry heads available

*Various Sizes- Used Ringlock Elbows And Tees

*Ames-70- 3' X 20' | 45- 4'x20' | 

*40 qty.-Mathison-6'X20' | 100qty-4'X20' 
*Numerous Used Fittings to Accommodate Various Types of Irrigation Pipe, Including End Plugs, Tees, and Elbows

6" x 30' Pipe

8" x 30' Pipe

Mid-Atlantic Irrigation handles a large inventory of used irrigation parts and equipment.  We buy, sell, and trade equipment.   We also can provide our customers with a means of disposing of their equipment on a consignment basis. If you are looking for a used part, used equipment, or to sell your equipment, please give us a call. 
**  Our used inventory changes quickly, please call ahead for availability.
Some items shown here may have already been sold.  
We try our best to keep this updated.**

8" 45 Degree Elbow


8" to 6" Tee Male

( M/F End )

Band Clamps For Pipe Attachment


6" 90 Degree Elbow

6" Clamps

6" Caps

6" Tee Male

F/M End

Used equipment

Check availability by calling us!

(434)392-3141 or Toll free (888) 442-1934

​​Sprinkler Guns

8" to 6" Reducer


Used fittings

6" Tee with 4" Male Connector

for Sprinkler Head male/female end)

Sprinkler Leg Clamps

(2) 6" & (2) 4"

8" to 6" Reducer


8" 90 Degree Elbow

8" Caps

​​​​Easy Rain 4" Cable Tow Traveler with General Gun​

​2017 99 T John Deere Rainbow Factory Pumping Unit 

                     332 HRS.                                 

150 Gallon Fuel Tank

# 9 Hand Primer

Trailer Mounted

Enclosed Safety Handle

5" X 30' Pipe - Cam Lock

8" Tee With 4" Male Connector

For Sprinkler Head

(Male/Female End)

Sime Mariner Irrigation Sprinkler Heads

( 3 New In Box) 

8" to 6" Tee Female

( M/F End )

6" Tee with 4" Female Thread

for Sprinkler Head

(male/female end)

8" Tee Female 

F/M End

6" 45 Degree Elbow 

​M/F End

Sprinkler Tee - Cam Lock

8" Tee Male

F/F End.

Used Pipe